This prize highlights the work excellence of the family business, whose pride is to see their product served at the finest French and international restaurants.


Manufacture under Protected Designation of Origin (DPO)

The first ingredient in the Roquefort Gabriel Coulet is unpasteurized and unskimmed ewe’s milk, primarily from the Lacaune breed of sheep. This milk, heated to a temperature between 28 ° C and 32 ° C for renneting, is then cultured with spores of Penicillium roqueforti.

After being cut and stirred in a vat, the curd is put by hands in moulds and rotated regularly. Salted on all sides, it is finally ready for ageing in the natural cellars of the village. The caves will be host for the cheese for a period of about three weeks. The average temperature of 11°C and the natural ventilation allow idea conditions for maturation of the Roquefort Gabriel Coulet.

In order to obtain the Roquefort Protected Designation of Origin label, cheese is stored at a controlled temperature for a period of a minimum of 90 days guaranteeing the authenticity of its manufacturing, as well as its reputation for excellence.