Our Roqueforts


This ivory, unctuous and generously blue-veined cheese, incarnates the invitation to taste its buttery, generous and characteristic notes without being harsh or full-bodied. In the mouth, it will reveal all its gracefulness and will offer a refined pleasure to your taste buds.

Available as half-rounds, quarter-rounds or wedges.

Available at your cheese shop.


Its ivory, creamy white paste with many bluish mottles and velvety texture will delight your senses with hints of undergrowth and its subtle presence when tasted. This Roquefort is the Signature cheese of the family business. Once in the mouth, its fondant texture and refinement will reveal all of its aroma.

Available in medium and large supermarkets.


Powerful and generous, it stands out by the intense blue that veins its ivory dress. Round in the mouth and distinctive, it surrounds the palate and lets you discover the strength and the voluptuousness of a Roquefort full of character.

Available at your cheese shop.


Produced organically, it retains all the strength and character of the Roquefort Gabriel Coulet. Its ivory paste, its intense blue veins and its unctuous appearance will truly tempt your taste buds.

Available at your cheese shop.

Gamme des Cazelles Gabriel Coulet

Beneath this slightly bloomy rind lies a soft, firm and creamy paste. Fondant on the palate, this cheese will charm you by the presence of its delicately fruity and nutty flavors.

Available in wheels/ half-rounds, square, brick.

Sheep’s cheese for salad

Firm, melting and slightly crumbly, it will seduce you by its freshness and its delicate aroma of ewe’s  milk. Soft and discreetly acidulated, it’s waiting for only one thing: to sublimate your gourmet salads and appetizers amongst friends.

Available in 1 kg, 200 g, and 2 × 250 g.